Rich Dad – Poor Dad Author: Time to Buy Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki who wrote the best-selling series of books – Rich Dad, Poor Dad, has come out in support for Bitcoin as he fears the next banking crisis is just around the corner. Now is the time that people should start considering precious metals and bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki certainly knows a thing or two about investing. Apart from being a top selling author he also offers provides financial education to people interested in learning about investing and how to start a business.

On August 21 he tweeted about Warren Buffet’s decisions to invest in gold.

“Why Buffet is out of banks?” the author said. “Banks bankrupt. Major banking crisis coming fast. [The] Fed [and] Treasury to take over the banking system? Fed and Treasury “helicopter fake money” direct to people to avoid mass rioting?”

The outspoken author has some valid points. However is comments did draw some heat from various people who obviously aren’t interested in buying Bitcoin!

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