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The ultimate goal of crypto is to create a more open, transparent, and efficient global economy. The tokenization of digital assets, defined as blockchain-based tokens that represent digital, physical, or traditional assets, present a way to improve the global economy for every human on Earth. In order to achieve this goal, infrastructure must be built to bring all the world's assets onchain. It is for these reasons that Holograph was built, which provides infrastructure for digital asset tokenization. Holograph achieves this with holographic assets, which are fungible and non-fungible tokens that exist natively on any public or private blockchain. <br/>

Step-by-Step Guide

Mint NFTs

- Go to and connect your wallet
- On the page, you will see NFTs that are free mint, mint those NFTs by click "Free" button next to a NFT.
- Before minting, you should switch to Network that has low gas fees such as Polygon, Arbitrum, Avax, BNB, etc. or you could choose to mint on Zora to have a chance to qualify for both airdrop from Zora and Holograph

Bridging your NFTs

Creating your own NFT collection



Disclaimer :

In this guide, we'll share actions to boost your chances of receiving a project's airdrop. Use it carefully and always conduct your own research (DYOR). Our insights are based on past airdrops like Arbitrum and Optimism, but they remain valuable for future opportunities.

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