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Mint Fun
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MintFun is an NFT mint aggregator platform that allows users to mint new NFT projects as soon as they drop, all from a single interface.

Step-by-Step Guide

Mint FunDrop Pass and Earn Points

- Go here: => Connect wallet and mint Fundrop Pass (Note: It is on Ethereum network so prepare ETH for gas fees)
- Fundrop is the rewards program for Fundrop pass holders. Mint Fun use points and streaks to allocate rewards. The more points you have, the higher you level up.
- There are several ways to earn points on Everyone starts with 1200points when they mint a !fundrop NFT.
1. Earn points by minting NFTs on
+ Earn 200 points per mint on Ethereum, or up to 10 mints or 2000 points per collection.
+ Earn 10 points per mint on Optimism, Zora Network, and Base L2 chains, or up to 10 mints or 100 points per collection.
2. Earn 5000 points by installing our Chrome extension. This extension adds a link to mint on, ensuring you always get !fun points for your mints.
3. Earn 1000 points for referring a friend to mint a !fundrop pass.

Mint NFTs on Mint Fun

Complete quests to earn more points



Disclaimer :

In this guide, we'll share actions to boost your chances of receiving a project's airdrop. Use it carefully and always conduct your own research (DYOR). Our insights are based on past airdrops like Arbitrum and Optimism, but they remain valuable for future opportunities.

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