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Quai Network
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Quai is a merge-mined network of blockchains. This network is able to coordinate an infinite number of blockchains (execution shards) by using the Proof-of-Entropy-Minima (PoEM) consensus mechanism, which eliminates all consensus-based contention. The ability for PoEM to coordinate a perpetually growing set of blockchains allows the network to process more than 50,000 transactions per second. The architecture is a composable multithreaded execution environment with blocks being produced approximately every 1.1 seconds.

Step-by-Step Guide

- Finish quests on Galxe

- First you will need to get Galxe Passport to be able to do Quai Network quests by going here: => Click "Mint" button and following the next instructions on the Galxe website
- After you get Galxe Passport then go here and finish all the quests:
- When you complete a task in Galxe, you’ll earn “Loyalty Points”. Points earned from Galxe will be redeemable for some amount of Quai tokens upon Mainnet launch, but may not convert at a 1:1 rate. The rate of conversion from Galxe points to Mainnet Quai will be released at a later date.
- In addition to points, some one-off tasks may offer POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) or OATs (On-chain Achievement Tokens) as rewards. POAPs and OATs are digital collectables demonstrating either attendance at an event or completion of a certain activity.


Optional: Running Node



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