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How to add Polygon to Metamask

Published On
02 May 2024 13:44


   Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution designed to boost scalability and lower transaction fees on the Ethereum network. Its main goal is to create interconnected networks that enable faster transactions and reduced costs while staying compatible with Ethereum. Polygon's infrastructure supports a range of applications like gaming and DeFi through its Multiple-interconnected network model.

Steps to add Polygon into Metamask:

   1. Open your Metamask Wallet, Click “Network Menu”, scroll down and click “Add Network”.


   2. On the Network Page you will see “Polygon Mainnet” then click “Add” located opposite to the Polygon Mainnet symbol.


   3. You can add it manually by clicking “Add a network manually” and entering the following details.


   4. Click “Save” and switch to “Polygon Mainnet”, you have successfully added Polygon to your Metamask.



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