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How to add zkSync Era to Metamask

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26 Apr 2024 13:47

   zkSync Era is a leading  ZK rollup for developers to build scalable and efficient Ethereum applications. It is layer 2 technology designed to improve scalability and reduce transaction costs on the Ethereum blockchain. zkSync Era is EVM-compatible, which supports a significant portion of Ethereum's EVM opcodes, allowing most smart contracts to work seamlessly.

Steps to add zkSync Era to MetaMask:

   1. Open your MetaMask wallet and click on the network dropdown at the top.


   2. Click "Add network", on the network page choose “zkSync Era” then click “Add” located opposite to the zkSync Era symbol.



   3. You can add it manually by clicking the "Add the network manually" page by filling out the following details:

                Network Name: zkSync Era Mainnet

                New RPC URL:

                Chain ID: 324

                Current Symbol: ETH

                Block Explorer URL:



   4. Click "Save" to add the zkSync ERA network to your MetaMask wallet.

   Congrats, you have successfully added zkSync Era Mainnet to your Metamask Wallet.

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